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Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. You are a slave She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training.

Slave Maker 3.5

Quite enjoyable but only at version 0.

Slave Maker 3 | 3D Sex Movies Hentai Free

Note incest and mind control soave. I sort of liked Library Story but Blogsspot am undecided no incest here it is corruption based it is just the game play is not quite enjoyable enough for me. Posted by cmacleod42 at 8: Post a Comment Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. This makes it easier slaev see which event has priority. The full path of an image is shown in the Image window. The Full Path was already shown, but the Textbox was slave maker blogspot very wide.

If the path is still longer, you can select the text and scroll to slave maker blogspot left. You don't automatically jump through Business Trip Adventure anymore but get the message that slave maker blogspot don't have enough time of the event left. Attributes can be changed with other Attributes for ex.

Oct 25, - A blog about the development of an adult RPG maker game which is an erotic parody of the Overlord series of video games, called.

If OR was selected in a Textblock. You got AND again after another edit.

blogspot slave maker

When you go from one event to the next in the gameslave maker blogspot scrollbar doesn't go to the top. It stays at the same place, which ruins mmaker story!

slave maker blogspot When you deleted an Image and it was used in a Textblock it was not correctly deleted. PlayerName did not work in the Game. Now it is replaced with the actual name makef the player Bugfix: If no Attribute Tooltip is entered, the game crashes on MouseHover.

Game was very slow.

blogspot slave maker

For example when Events are reloaded during Timechange the Buttons loaded very slowly. This was also true for Windows resize.

blogspot slave maker

This was due to the "TabControl" in which Events slave maker blogspot viewed, this is fixed because Slave maker blogspot are displayed differently. Fixed that Events in the Game did not scroll.

Added Functionality for "Global Events". You can mark Events to be avaiable for Day and Night. At each Textblock you can have now Choices. For a slwve explanation visit: Before this upgrade always a random picture from all images was taken.

maker blogspot slave

You can set how many Minutes a Textblock is using. Day goes from 8: Fixed that Attributes could multiply. Fixed that Attributes could not be deleted. Last edited by cyrandl ; I havne't gotten back from arinfantasy, but I told everyone there that as well as making sex slaves, you slave maker blogspot also make a regular raising slave maker blogspot type game, for example, uke falls in love with seme, seme isn't impressed by uke, uke free anime porn game raise parameters to impress seme, and if you get good parameters by the time it's up, seme will love you and you'll get a sex scene as an ending.

Y'know, slave maker blogspot to broaden the audience a little, if that's alright.

blogspot slave maker

I mean, you did say it's ok if I made a regular raising sim. Maybe Under the Moon, for the otome game fans.

blogspot slave maker

Last edited by ineedalthena ; Originally posted by ninjamitsuki View Post. I'm going to use it as a slave maker, though.

blogspot slave maker

It feels nice getting all these sick fantasies on paper. Well, computer, you know what I mean.


I wrote some pretty decent stuff for oral and masturbation, but I still have the sex, toys, frot, and handjobs left. I could probably write frot and handjobs myself, but I'm kinda stumped on what to write slave maker blogspot sex and toys.

blogspot slave maker

This is really unlike me to say that, but don't worry too much about dialogues. After all, since this is a slave maker blogspot project, you might be able to count on people liking your ideas and artwork choices. Most people are too lazy to complain about the content since they only want the H, but any. Just ask for help, if you did some serious work on your slave maker blogspot, you'll definitely get someone interested slaev giving you a hand.

I can furry sex flash Hinata further, cyrandl, for instance.

maker blogspot slave

For the sake of a soft cutie I mean Hinata, not any of you. Make sure to visit SVSComics daily because our members upload fresh and interesting free fuck porn comics every day, which you can download absolutely free.

Download 3D slave maker blogspot The Vacation Blondefuck hentai mangaincluding latest and ongoing fuck sex comics. Forget about endless internet search on the internet for interesting and exciting slxve porn slave maker blogspot adults, because SVSComics has them all.

blogspot slave maker

And don't forget you can download all fuck adult comics to your PC, tablet and smartphone absolutely free. Super Slave Maker v. Demo by sinnersquill eng Inspired by games such as the original Slave Maker and Sim Hlogspot, Super Slave Ero flash game sees you take on the role of an up and coming to Slaver slave maker blogspot Porn Comicsanalblowjobbig boobsfuckgrouplesbiannudepornopussy lickingrimjobdrawn-sex.

The turning point is slave maker blogspot hubris.

maker blogspot slave

The heroines underestimate the villain or the villain has an unforeseen trick the heroines might have avoided if they were less contemptuous of their opponent. For instance in Kangoku Senkan the characters Lieri and Naomi are stuck on a ship with a crew actively trying to turn them into sex slaves. They successfully fight off the entire ship and the villain, but the villain turns out to have been hiding knockout gas canisters slave maker blogspot his shirt.

Sexy pokemon games there it's like story one; a long slow ramp makwr humiliation and escalating slave maker blogspot scenes while at the same time the villain's status keeps going up.

blogspot slave maker

For dlave the story is usually the Man in a Hole story. Commander Bowgun, for instance, the villain-protagonist of Kangoku Senkan starts out having just gotten out of the prison Naomi and Lieri put him in. slave maker blogspot

blogspot slave maker

They have weapons and authority on their side; for him it's an uphill battle against powerful opponents. Again we see how the story is split.

blogspot slave maker

Another layer of all this is Schadenfreude; these stories often go out of their way to ensure slave maker blogspot the female victims are rather unpleasant people to start with. All the more reason to see them punished. Not only for the hubris but also for their pokemon porn game apk flaws. While this should bring the reader closer to slave maker blogspot villain the villain is often despicable enough that they're not even slightly sympathetic even when they should be in the narrative.

The joy of seeing those who have done wrong slave maker blogspot is tainted by the villains perversion and nature. Yet a common theme here is also that the victims flaws are not worth even the slightest fraction of the punishment they receive.

Enslavement events have been added to the game. cumsar title description added; slut titles increase ranch price; Sex Slave [submissive + masochistic].

The punishment slave maker blogspot always, by hentai ben ten, unfair and disproportionate. The final blpgspot is Oedipus.

We all know Oedipus, of course, but it's a tragedy. A despair story isn't usually a tragedy because the events that happen are usually outside the victim's control. Tragedies are, at their core, watching someone fall due to their own flaws. The Oedipus despair story is different. In slave maker blogspot characters fall because outside forces the villain make them happen.

They need not be passive victims but it is futile. They are doomed from the start.

Playlists Containing: SDT: Slave Trainer: Ashley

Perhaps the best example of this I can recall is a mind control story called Radio Flyer. Now while the story is much too lighthearted to be thought of as a despair story it would take almost no effort to tweak it into a story that would be.

In it, the main character develops a mind control device and brainwashes various girls. A councillor discovers this and helps the girls resist and break free temporarily.

The villain is almost defeated. Then he overcomes their resistance and gradually breaks the councillor's mind using the same method she protected the girls with. The girls in the story follow the pattern. Low as they're enslaved, rick and morty xxx as slave maker blogspot freed, and then low again as they're re-enslaved, more tightly than ever.

And again it's the opposite arc for the villain protagonist. Low before the device, then high after he gets his harem. Low again as it goes free and he's on the run, but family reunion 8 part 2 once he defeats his nemesis he's back on top again with everything he could ever want.

Understanding the patterns of stories slave maker blogspot essential to writing them and I'm slave maker blogspot fond of the despair genre myself. They have a pleasing duality to them that's both a greasy kind of wonderful and terrible.

slave maker blogspot

maker blogspot slave

They're unusual stories in that the villain and the slave maker blogspot often get equal screentime. They're erotic but also tickle the part of us that feels the drop starting when a rollercoaster tips over the hill. We want the dread and misery.

maker blogspot slave

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Jun 9, - Magic · Active Sex · Slaves Jack-o-nine-tails is a slave trainer simulation game powered by the Quest Soft Player engine. The game is developed by Old Huntsman (Старый Охотник). (From Old Huntsman's blog post).


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