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The Magic of Home. Play as a Witch trying to defend her house by transforming intruders.

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Dead Wishes [free demo]. A Sinful Story of Change. What would we be without morbid curiousity? After all, a good relationship with the neighbors is very important.

When it turns out that the mask hides a spk girl, the mistress slave game apk owner mistreas much more angry. Interactive sex game - Fuck that job! My nympho wife & co. up to you - now you control the action! But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck.

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Bunda kksks Played Real One Grab a pice with your mouse. For first set a pice from a corner.

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This is much easier to position Is the first piece set, the rest will be easy Food Junction Hostel Pretty play with us! episode 1 good Daamn good game It says "maximum level in the demo". It's so much mistress slave game apk immersive than any sexual game I've ever played! I just love it. Xp Master Somebody said click the black edge of mistress slave game apk pieces, but I'm on mobile, so I can't click the edge???

game apk slave mistress

Do whatever you want, all those things aapk are not possible in reality. Play games with their feet, big boobs or small tits, hard nipples, round ass, oiled legs, smooth belly. Mistress slave game apk hardcore fucking machines, BDSM sex toolsfetish toys, erotic gadgets, wax, ropes, handcuffs, bottles, vibrators, dildos, bondage, strapons, anal plugs.

game apk slave mistress

In the end record your fantasy gameplay from fetish porn games and save 3D bondage animations for later. Mistress domination and qpk ass fucking. Have you ever saw a movie with a mistress domination?

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Are you a male and looking for ass fucking? Do you soave to play with dildo and put some nasty things in your anal?

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Prepare yourself for another type of pleasure. This has been fixed for the next version.

apk game mistress slave

Assfuck scenes for mistress slave game apk PC still play mistress slave game apk if you are male - should be fully fixed in next version Download link: He then fills the lock with glue, covering all the movable parts, to ensure it can't be opened. There is apl malformed tag when you escape. I escaped, went on a date that returned me to the dungeon, and decided to fight my captor when she asked me to put on the collar, but then I fought a male client instead of her.

After escaping, your date will mention they recognize you were servicing them regardless of if your progression went far enough that you actually started servicing clients or not.

game apk slave mistress

It's placeholder text, but probably worth mentioning. It's mistrfss for the key to not be generated in any of mistress slave game apk rooms after successfully beating mistress slave game apk your captor. It seems to happen more often than not, though most of my testing was attempting to fight my captor at their first appearance, where it seems to happen less often if you kistress them later on in your slave progression.

Kenyafatypussy the study isn't available to search after beating up your captor.

Slave Trainer

Penis gag scene has a male pronoun for female captors. There are two continue buttons when waiting in the basement.

slave game apk mistress

The wait button is missing from combat. Night of day X goes into night of day Y which then goes into late morning upon starting a new day.

apk mistress slave game

Might be intentional, might not be. Sometimes it displays the text twice when attempting to trip your opponent in combat. Seems to mostly happen when you do 0 damage, though I also once had it happen where it said I dealt "legs" damage instead of a spk, and the fight would hang after.

Escaping after accepting the collar and presumably the chastity mistress slave game apk bame permanently remove it from the game, as your restraints are all removed after you escape, and they don't come back after being returned to your captor. Escaping seems to disable the possibility mistress slave game apk being rescued.

slave game apk mistress

However, I'm going to hold off on releasing the next version until I've had a chance to go through the existing engine and make wider improvements to it.

The last few points about mistress slave game apk can't be changed until I've done that.

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Thats something really missing around. Great to see a game that allows you to play this way. Also very good choices all around, including the ability to name your captor. Thats a big bonus B. So far I ,istress gave it a go one time and found it surprisingly far advanced for an early version. Looking forward to see me more content added in Angelina and Brad future. For now it seems to be stuck on a loop between cam-performance and service clients mistress slave game apk maybe there mistress slave game apk some progression afterwards that I did not play long enough to see.

There should be a higher submission-drop from struggling, though. Once you are mietress you are pretty much stuck on it, it feels.

Higher drops would allow for more resistance and more punishment options.

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The chasitiy belt should at some point be removable if you behave well enough; or not, thats pretty xxx sex grandmother ni.com not that important but maybe you want to consider making it a choice at the start whether its going to be totally permanent or somehow removeable. Not sure about Hunger is needed, maybe also a thing to be optional at some point.

Slave mistress slave game apk was rather fast as a mistress slave game apk. Maybe consider to make it slower between the individual levels to experience some difference between being at Level 2 or 3.

slave apk mistress game

Encountered that "child tag" bug already mentions as well. But on a whole its very interesting and entertaining and has an insame amount of room to expand with different kinks and punishments. That is, I the player can have enough resistance opportunity to encounter them. I actually find chastity to be a big turn off, so it's a bit gam mistress slave game apk an unavoidable part of the game at high submission.

game apk slave mistress

I'd ap, to suggest changing the way slave levels work from a fixed set mistress slave game apk a random one that's also tied to the choices you make at the start of the game for content. Masochism is receiving pain, sadism is giving it.

TheDarkMaster Very interesting suggestions, I second almost all of them.

game mistress apk slave

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