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"Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set." Proverbs.22:28
"Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof." Job 24:2

Please Note

These web-links and on-site archived documents are presented for the edification of believers in the LORD Jesus Christ. All the linked websites hold to the inspiration, authority and sufficiency of Scripture as the only rule of faith and practice. Let the reader judge by the Word alone, following the gospel principles of the Berean disciples; "that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." Acts.17:11.

95 Theses Against Dispensationalism. Nicene Council

A Study of Dispensationalism. A. W. Pink

A. E. Wilder-Smith Library

A City of Refuge

Affirmation 2010: Bible League

Against Dispensationalism

Against The World TV

A Guide for Young Christians: Trinity Review

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Amazing Grace Radio

Answers in Genesis

Antichrist: Trinity Review

Aquila Report

Audio Bible: Read by Alexander Scourby

Banner of Truth Publishing

Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

Belgic Confession 1618

Bible Based Ministries

Bible League Trust

Biblical Reflections on September 11. Bennett & Nicholson

Bible Or Psychotherapy?

Berean Beacon

Blue Banner Archive-FPCR

British Reformed Fellowship

Burning Bush

Cambridge Declaration of 1996

Candid Examination of the Scofield Bible. Albertus Pieters

Canons of the Synod of Dordt 1619

Catechism of the Church of Geneva 1560

Certainty of the Written Word of Truth. Bennett & Nicholson

Chantrynotes-Tom Chantry's Blog

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

Christ and Civilization: Trinity Review

Christian Books Australia

Christian News Network USA

Christian Watch UK

Christian Witness to Israel

Comparison: Church Today & The Reformation Church

Confession of the Waldenses 1655

Creation Ministries International

Crown & Covenant Publications

CRTA Online Resources

Cyber Hymnal

Diakrisis-Terry Arnold

Development of the Scottish Psalter

Dispensationalism? "Try the Spirits!"

English Churchman Newspaper

Eternal Life Ministries

European Institute of Protestant Studies

Exposition of Hebrews. A.W.Pink

Faith and Freedom Bookshop Online

Francis Nigel Lee's Website

Free Presbyterian Bookroom

French Confession 1559

Geopolitical Agenda of Francis I. Bennett & Nicholson

Grace E-Books

George Muller Page

G. I. Williamson Page

God's Hammer Weblog

Hunter Gospel Hour Weblog

Gospel Magazine

Heidelberg Catechism 1563

Heidelblog - R. Scott Clark

Helm's Deep - Paul Helm

Helvetic Consensus Formula 1675

Herman Hanko's Weblog

History Unveiling Prophecy or Time as an Interpreter
H. Grattan Guinness

Idolatry in the Evangelical Camp

Institute for Creation Research

J. Virgil Dunbar's Website

Life of David, Vol 1, A.W.Pink

Life of David, Vol 2, A.W.Pink

Let the Bible Speak - Radio Ministry

LLoyd-Jones Trust-Sermons

Message for Muslims

Messianic Testimony

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Michael de Semlyen's Website.


Mount Zion Chapel Library

Naphtali Press

Narrowing Path

New Calvinism Exposed

Nicene Council

Online Bible

On Observance of Sacred Days

Pentecostalism? "Try the Spirits!"

Pictures of Jesus Tract

Pink's Archive

Preaching and Missions

Psalms of David-Acapella

Psalter.org - Resources

Psalter Singing Wholeheartedly! J.G.Vos

Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

Protestant Truth Society

Providence Baptist Ministries

Puritan Library

Reformation Heritage Books

Reformation Ireland

Reformed Free Publishing Association

Reformed Witness Hour

Reformed World View on Behalf of a Godly Culture

Regulative Principle of Worship And Christmas

Savoy Declaration 1658. With The Institution of Churches & Order Appointed in them by Jesus Christ

Scots Confession 1560

Scottish Reformation Society

Second Helvetic Confession 1564

Sermon Audio

Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures

Sound of an Alarm

Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony

Sprinkle Publications

Spurgeon's Catechism

Spurgeon Gems

Stand Still A While

Still Waters Books

Strict Baptist Historical Society

Sydney Anglican Heretics

Teaching the Word

Take Heed Ministries

The Papacy and Islam. Bennett & Nicholson

The Two Babylons. Alexander Hislop

The Papacy is the AntiChrist. J.A. Wiley

The Vatican's Policies. Bennett & Nicholson

Trinitarian Bible Society Australia

Trinity Foundation

Truth for Children


Understanding Ministries

United Protestant Council-Evangelical Truth

Vision for Children

Westminster Confession 1646

Westminster Larger Catechism with Scripture Proofs

Whats Wrong With Islam. Robert Reymond