“One Lord, one faith, one baptism”

Ephesians 4:5

The Gospel Hour on Central Hunter Community Radio (2CHR - 96.5-FM) is no longer being presented live in Sunday Breakfast on 2CHR. Our family and ministry work has been transitioned to the Barossa Valley in SA. Ministry updates to come.

The Gospel Hour Program features:

  • Readings from the English Bible
  • Classical believing hymns with recitations
  • Memorials of Christian history and...
  • Teaching: together with select devotional reflections from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, A W. Pink and others

Non-denominational and non-sectarian, content is drawn from the broad stream of confessional biblical Christianity. The Gospel Hour endorses the Cambridge Declaration of 1996, Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Bible League Affirmation 2010.

Look Up!

"These are said to be very horrible times- they always were ever I have known anything of the world, and I suppose they always were in our fathers time. We are always at a crisis according to some people. I am not about to defend the times; they are, no doubt, very bad, for the innumerable spirits of evil are bold and active, while good men seem to have lost their courage. We find amalgamations and compromises ad infinitum, and the precious truth of God is trodden as the mire of the streets. What about all this? Are we discouraged? Far from it. Bad times are famous times for Christ. When Wycliffe came, the times were dark enough in England, and therefore the morning star was the more welcome. When Luther came into the world, the times were almost as black as they could be and therefore good times for reformation! The times were dead enough when Wesley and Whitefield came: but they proved glorious days for the Lord to work in! And if you discern now that there is not much prayerfulness, nor much spirituality, nor much truthful doctrine, nor much zeal, do not fret; it is thoroughly dry soil, and now the root of grace will grow. Let us have good hope. Our faith does not rise when people say the times are improving, nor do we despond when men denounce the times as bad. Eternity is the life time of God, and He will work out his purposes. Time may ebb and flo, God is in no hurry; but if the world goes on for a million years God will triumph in the end, and the poem of human history will not wind up with a dirge, but will end with a triumphant hymn after all."
(C.H.S. A Root Out of Dry Ground, sermon- Lord's Day morning, October 13, 1872)